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✔ Luxury Special Maroonish Brown Men Wallet
✔ High Quality Soft Leather
✔ On Sale: Upto 60% Off + Free Shipping!
✔ Bi-Fold Wallet, Large Storage Space + Strongly Built
✔ Card Slots & Coin Pouch Added!
✔ Guaranteed Fast Premium Shipping!

The LUXOBENSE Exclusive Luxury Maroonish Brown Men Wallet is a Reliable, Low Price & Durable Wallet for those Who are Looking for Top Quality Wallet in Very Affordable Prices. This Daily Use Wallet has 1 Card Slot, 2 Note Pockets, 1 Coin Pouch, Unique Color & Built with a Soft High Quality Leather which is the Result of Research & Innovation to Drive Luxury Wallets in Affordable Costings for Every Citizen of our Country. We have Personally Tested this Wallet for long years. We have Used a Special Quality of Original Leather with a Luxury Texture in this Wallet for Better Comfort. This Wallet will Give your Pocket a Comfort, Keep your Notes Safe & Fulfill your Demand of having an Excellent Wallet.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 cm
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249 Reviews For This Product

  1. 249

    by Krunal Pandya

    Ruff and tuff, perfact for men

  2. 249

    by Bablu Kumar


  3. 249

    by Sudarshan


  4. 249

    by Saheli Ghosh

    Good quality

  5. 249

    by Kartik Bagade

    Gave it as a gift and the person loved it !Really good build quality overall and loved the finish and colours. Plus, it comes with a coin pouch (which is a must have tbh).Writing this review after more than 6 months cause the person is still using it.

  6. 249

    by shivam anand

    1 saal se chal raha hai, great durability

  7. 249

    by Ajay Prakash

    Material is good. Economy and safe too

  8. 249

    by Narender

    Product is very good

  9. 249

    by Sibin

     Good material Good item 

  10. 249

    by nandakishore pattanayak

    Best product.

  11. 249

    by priya

    Nice but better to decrease cost

  12. 249

    by Deb

    Wallet is pretty good. More than my expectations. Keep going.kudos

  13. 249

    by Ajith.N.R

    It’s worth with great quality

  14. 249

    by Vishnu Mohan

    I love it

  15. 249



  16. 249

    by Prudhvi


  17. 249

    by Sanjay

    quality leather wallet.. Delivery also get fast..thanks

  18. 249

    by Anne

    Good quality

  19. 249

    by kiran


  20. 249

    by Rajesh Patel


  21. 249

    by kamaleshdas

    Nice product

  22. 249

    by Sandeep gupta


  23. 249

    by paul

    Just what I was looking for with a wallet and just the right room for everything and the price is apt for the product I would recommend it but the life of all the material used have to use it more to comment but at this price point it is good would have expected slightly more better room in the notes zipper it is a tight space in my opinion.the cloth used could have been better quality or even leather in all the areas would have been even better but at this price point a good wallet

  24. 249

    by BIBIN

    Best product

  25. 249

    by manish22

    Awesome I have written my review after 2 months using this product. Material quality is superb…light in weight…stylist…

  26. 249

    by Ajay verma

    Excellent piece at this price range. Look and feel both are great.

  27. 249

    by Shawn Frost

    Capacity and material

  28. 249

    by Sudharsen


  29. 249

    by Rizwan

    Bit costly

  30. 249

    by Durai Murugan S


  31. 249

    by Jerald

    Good one is good for miney.

  32. 249

    by Revanth Perikala

    I like it good quality

  33. 249

    by Jagdish Satija

    Beautiful look and dureble quality

  34. 249

    by Alexander

    Value for Money

  35. 249

    by Ankita

    very satisfactory . same as shown in pic. quality is awesome. thank you luxobense

  36. 249

    by rahul

    Good product

  37. 249

    by Nivedita B.

    Has good look and value of money

  38. 249

    by om prakash malviya

    best product is under 500

  39. 249

    by Sandhya Rani

    Quality goodZip idea good…

  40. 249

    by Aman

    good product

  41. 249

    by mehtab

    Value for money

  42. 249

    by Vikash

    My search ends here..!😍

  43. 249


    As my expectations

  44. 249

    by Mohan Bentley

    Very nice product

  45. 249

    by Sagar


  46. 249

    by Rohit Biswa


  47. 249

    by Customer

    Good product

  48. 249


    It’s a very good product and quality

  49. 249

    by K.B.Harsudhanath

    Good one

  50. 249

    by amit kulkarni

    Looking good

  51. 249

    by Harry dutt

    Loved it.

  52. 249

    by priyabrata paul

    good product

  53. 249

    by Monomita


  54. 249

    by mahadev


  55. 249

    by Fahad K.

    Worth the money

  56. 249

    by mazhar quraishi


  57. 249

    by Majibar rahman


  58. 249

    by Pappu pajor

    Leather materials and good quality

  59. 249

    by mr.dskamable

    Good value for Money

  60. 249

    by Lilli

    It is exactly as shown in the picture.. Quality also good, I’m planning to buy one more…

  61. 249

    by Dr.arnab panda

    Not bad

  62. 249

    by Jensam


  63. 249

    by Arshad

    very good

  64. 249

    by Joshuva

    Loved it

  65. 249

    by K. S.

    Had bought this as a gift for my husband……. he liked it…… he has been using this for months ……really durable & good leather……

  66. 249

    by Midhun Murali

    Got what I expected

  67. 249

    by shailendra p jaiswal

    Very good product

  68. 249


    Good using this is good

  69. 249

    by Syed Osman ali

    Quality of material

  70. 249

    by Jai Dutt

    Very Good quality

  71. 249

    by Nathan Srinapally

    I will recommend this product. It’s genuine leather, compact, and exactly as described. Reliable seller.

  72. 249

    by Sourav S.


  73. 249

    by Harpreet Singh

    Value for money

  74. 249

    by Mohamed Kabir

    Nice product

  75. 249

    by yagnesh vyas

    Good product material is good and looks great and the chain quality is also good

  76. 249

    by ravinder raj

    The product is worth buying at this rateMaterial quality is good.Value for money

  77. 249

    by Nihal kumar

    For me it is very comfortable to carry.

  78. 249

    by Bijal davey

    Nice 👌

  79. 249

    by ajesh nambiar

    Gxgxgp godhv

  80. 249

    by Amit

    Nice quality..

  81. 249

    by Anil Chavand

    Product is good but handling requires care. One can’t use as rough and rough manner.

  82. 249

    by Sajeer

    Good product

  83. 249

    by Bikash ranjan manna


  84. 249

    by Rohan Bajaj

    Best quality products

  85. 249

    by Amartya Mukherji

    If you are looking for mens wallet of this material quality. Then just buy it.. it’s perfect and you won’t regret. Gifted this to my dad and he is loving it. Great user experience.

  86. 249

    by Amey

    The quality is good

  87. 249

    by Kanhaiya Aggarwal

    very nice

  88. 249

    by Ajithkumar

    Thankyou find the produced in luxobense

  89. 249


    Very good

  90. 249

    by …….

    Awesome product value for money worth buying

  91. 249

    by nihal tendulkar

    Product is as described

  92. 249

    by Nikunj Patel


  93. 249

    by Sumanto Dhar

    Nice product

  94. 249

    by donal kumar raulo

    Nice product

  95. 249

    by prakash


  96. 249

    by Nikhil phodkar

    Just buy it.!!

  97. 249

    by nazrul hasan khan

    Same as poc

  98. 249

    by Pavithra

    Okish quality . Print on the purse is great

  99. 249

    by Chavda kishan

    Good quality and best product for to use.

  100. 249

    by Satish Kumar

    Item is good and comfortable

  101. 249

    by S V Vismith Glory


  102. 249

    by Harshith

    Wallet is so nice ….Quality of leather was mind blowing(interior and exterior)…..Over all the product is good !

  103. 249

    by uday

    Super wallet Worth of money try this guys…

  104. 249

    by Rohit raj gupta

    Needed a exclusive purse got it at good price !

  105. 249

    by Hiren Patel


  106. 249

    by Tarrun Saxenaa

    Good Buy after a long time. As I only use soft wallet

  107. 249

    by rohit

    Awesome product…am loving it…

  108. 249

    by Raji Jason

    Nice Material and fit is perfect

  109. 249

    by Tapan K.

    Good Quality 👌 😊 👍

  110. 249

    by Khushboo kurdia


  111. 249

    by Swarup Halder (Gurugram)

    Looks excellent

  112. 249

    by Murtaza

    Worth the price

  113. 249

    by Bhola Nath Yadav

    Just Excellent

  114. 249

    by yasmeen khan

    Very good product safe and stylish

  115. 249

    by madhu

    Ee item swalpa addilla…

  116. 249

    by Sunanda Paul

    Awesome material… One should buy… Worth it!

  117. 249

    by pavan kamat

    Excellent product

  118. 249

    by Kirit vaghela

    After 10 months use.. and give review…good quality product..

  119. 249

    by Monalisha

    Nice product

  120. 249

    by Miraj Pabari

    Very Good Wallet For Everyday Use, Leather quality is Also Good , Only Thing I didn’t Like is Card Slots is few Only, Go For it.😎😎

  121. 249

    by punit patel

    Very good product

  122. 249

    by AKSHAY

    Good Product

  123. 249

    by Sayantan

    Good quality gorgeous looking product with proper price tag

  124. 249

    by Mirza

    It’s To Good

  125. 249

    by Sanjay das

    Excellent product

  126. 249

    by Avinash

    Amazing product

  127. 249

    by Ashok

    Nice product

  128. 249

    by Arjun Paramanick

    Best Genuine Leather Wallet that i purchase it 449 (1499)Good Card holderGood Cash holder

  129. 249

    by NSK

    Good quality

  130. 249

    by deepak sharma

    I liked it

  131. 249

    by Bharti Makhija

    Over all good purchase

  132. 249

    by Pratap kumar

    Good Product..value of money

  133. 249

    by Shera Mumbai


  134. 249

    by Narendrasinh Rana

    leather 💯

  135. 249

    by Poonam Gupta

    Super se bhi uper

  136. 249

    by Sushil Kumar Thapa


  137. 249

    by Rao Y.


  138. 249

    by Vikas sharma

    Totally loved it!

  139. 249

    by vinod

    Quality of material and durability of products

  140. 249

    by dimesh l


  141. 249

    by Customer

    Executive look good quality value for money very much satisfied

  142. 249

    by Abhishek Banerjee

    Would comment on the value for money and other aspects post using it atleast for 3months but currently the leather seems to be dull and not that polished as in illustration after using almost 18-19months the quality is still good and even the zip is of good quality lovely purse ,would repurchase it whenever this gets worn out

  143. 249

    by Customer

    Very good quality

  144. 249

    by pratima singh


  145. 249

    by Manish kapadia


  146. 249

    by Avinash Kaldate

    Material good , better quality

  147. 249



  148. 249

    by Gaurav l.

    Nice product good quality

  149. 249

    by Aakil Khan

    This wallet is upto the mark and just the way i wanted bigger card slots although only 3 but yes i am very much satisfied with it at this price range and quality looks good lets see if its durable or not

  150. 249

    by JOHN

    Good material , value for money

  151. 249

    by Thomas Maxwel

    Reasonable price and good quality

  152. 249

    by Franklin Richard

    Great product. Not hard on back even with jeans. Looks premium for the quality of price.

  153. 249

    by Raja

    Just wow..😘😘😘

  154. 249


    Nice prodect

  155. 249

    by syed avaze pasha

    Good product

  156. 249

    by Hilton

    Good one.. Value for money

  157. 249

    by Vishal

    Good n nice product

  158. 249

    by Akil mogal

    Value for money

  159. 249

    by Nanban

    Good wallet. Strongly built. Softness makes it more safe.

  160. 249

    by Vikash kumar


  161. 249

    by Ashok Chauhan

    Genuine Product from luxobense….Liked the product….Will recommend

  162. 249

    by Abhishek jamuar

    Value for money

  163. 249

    by Rakesh Gadhavi

    Absolutely genius leather. Top class quality

  164. 249


    Very good

  165. 249


    I like to purchase this its a comfortable on pocket not irritating too your buttocks ,good quality chain, but ya its not pure leather of course in 360rs not gives,but overall quality is too good and looks wise also vip

  166. 249

    by vijay

    its really money valuable as we all know about the brand but in this price money i get a valuable thing

  167. 249

    by Firoz Khan

    Nice products exilant

  168. 249

    by MJ


  169. 249

    by samuel dean

    Very nice

  170. 249

    by Hitesh

    Good quality product. Recommended to all.

  171. 249

    by Golanakonda vamshikrishna


  172. 249

    by SRR

    This is my second purchase after nearly 3 years of old purchase.Pros,1. Design is Perfect.2. Material is very good.3. Lasts very long unless you dispose it.4. Softness is good even when handled rough lasts very long.5. Shape does not disintegrate.Will update Cons if i find any for the new purchase.

  173. 249

    by Mohammed s.


  174. 249

    by Ajay Kumar

    Good product

  175. 249

    by Mukesh

    ******Soft copy of your day going

  176. 249

    by Jaggu dada


  177. 249

    by Anuranjan

    I like this too much

  178. 249

    by Vaisakh D.

    Very Nice

  179. 249

    by UTSAV Patel


  180. 249

    by harry

    Quality is superfine.never seems to give a dull look .It seems that u have purchased it just today

  181. 249

    by Inder jot bhangu

    I using this from last 1 year and its made of good leather so much space with extra card holder pocket

  182. 249

    by Agniva Chakraborty

    genuine leather meterial… also looking great and comfortable.

  183. 249

    by Arvind Srivastav

    Amazing. I luv it.

  184. 249

    by umeshchandra bhosale

    Purchase it

  185. 249

    by User

    Nice product

  186. 249

    by neha r.

    I love it.. and my husband also like this. Thanku Luxobense for this product. Guys but this without thinking. I’m sure you are not disappointed👍👍🤗🤗😊😊😊

  187. 249

    by Bishnupada Mondal

    Very good quality.Go for it.

  188. 249

    by Praveen Mishra

    This wallet is nice. Its very light and the material quality is also very good.

  189. 249

    by Kapil


  190. 249

    by PKS MENON

    Iam Reviewing this after long time use(more than two years)..still its fine..The leather used is 100 percent original..durable and definitely this is a value for money product..Go for it..

  191. 249

    by Debasis Mukherjee

    Nice one

  192. 249

    by Ravi Popli


  193. 249

    by Ronak Shah

    Worth the price.. Feels very premium

  194. 249

    by Joydip chowdhury

    Good quality..hoping that lasts atleast 2 years.

  195. 249

    by Somesh Kumar Maharana


  196. 249

    by Bennywal


  197. 249

    by Arghyadip

    Very Nice Profuct. I bought it for itz zip system. And itz awesome..

  198. 249

    by Venkataramanaiah B


  199. 249

    by thomas john

    I liked this product thought the zip would broke after some days but it didn’t a really good quality. Overall a good vallet to buy

  200. 249

    by deepak sihar

     Very very Bad quality not lether

  201. 249

    by SK

    Finishing was good but quality can be better

  202. 249

    by sushil khare

    Very nice product..

  203. 249

    by Abhijeet Mankar

    Mast and best

  204. 249

    by Hemanta Baruah

    nce product and very useful

  205. 249

    by Urja Desai

    Osm productPackage material everything is superbHigh quality in this price

  206. 249

    by Mohan Tyagi

    The product is the best….. Value for money…

  207. 249

    by Aparna Kaistha


  208. 249

    by Siddharth Nayak

    Very handy and safe

  209. 249

    by Disant Mistry

    Product quality is good

  210. 249

    by ParthaPratimRoy


  211. 249

    by Arunakaran Ak


  212. 249

    by Rohit Shaw

    Amazing packing, quality product liked it.

  213. 249

    by Swanatham Iyer

    For the price it’s good and zip quality is really good

  214. 249

    by Rohan M.

    good product for regular use..trst m

  215. 249

    by Ranjith singh


  216. 249

    by Rajat Mohan Joshi

    Thanx luxobense

  217. 249

    by Anneerrudh

    Its good

  218. 249

    by raman


  219. 249

    by Aman J.

    I’m using this wallet for a while and I can say that quality is very good.Chain quality is also A level.Overall satisfied with the product.I got this for 400 bucks in a sell.

  220. 249


    Good choice Thank U Luxobense

  221. 249

    by Dr. Abhishek reddy

    Nice quality pursePrevents accidental loss of anything from purse

  222. 249

    by jesu jennifer joys

    Stylish and compact

  223. 249

    by Rashmita

    Quality is very slow

  224. 249

    by Anmol


  225. 249

    by javaid


  226. 249

    by PatelHarsh D

    Quality is not enough good

  227. 249

    by Sanket parasramka


  228. 249

    by Customer

    Product very good value for money material quality supper total wallet is good satisfied

  229. 249

    by Maverick

    After using it for a week, i’m upgrading the review from 3 star to 5 star. With a week’s usage, the wallet stretches and adjusts. Material is genuine soft leather, feels smooth in previous review on receiving the product is below.—–The volume inside the chain should be more. (Its not difficult, it just needs the spine width to increase by few more millimeters) Currently, as soon as you keep coins, the zip becomes tight and the cards start to bend when zipped. So, i have to keep the cards, cash and coins on one side only. Material quality is good.

  230. 249

    by A Mukherjee

    Very satisfied with the product.

  231. 249

    by Aarohi sharma


  232. 249

    by sumayashah

    Product is very good…

  233. 249

    by Prit varmora

    Material is too gooddd …. i really likes to use it its soft flexible and durable

  234. 249

    by Manish kumar lihetiya

    Good wallet

  235. 249

    by Laxminarayan Sharma

    Good product

  236. 249

    by Mohan

    The leather and stitching quality is top notch. luxobense product can be purchased without any hesitation. A leather briefcase I had purchased a year back still looks new after weathering the rigours of Mumbai local travel. I use the briefcase as a battering ram to get in and out of the local trains.😃

  237. 249

    by sandip

    Good product

  238. 249

    by Sourav

    Material quality is very good

  239. 249

    by Ajeet kumar Mandal

    Nice products 👍👍

  240. 249

    by Ashish Shukla

    It’s a good wallet. Looks pretty too.

  241. 249

    by Sahil

    A nicepurse of good quality and affordable

  242. 249

    by Parmar Jatin

    Look morden type.

  243. 249

    by Ashok varma

    Good product

  244. 249

    by Shashikant Nadkarni


  245. 249

    by Murlidhar Mahato

    NYC Product

  246. 249

    by sandeep gupta

    Value for money

  247. 249

    by Siva yzf

    Good quality light weight leather

  248. 249

    by Naidu

    Good product. Worth owning this product.

  249. 249

    by pradeep a.


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