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✔ Luxury Special Tri-Fold Men Wallets
✔ High Quality Soft Wallet
✔ On Sale: Upto 60% Off + Free Shipping!
✔ Tri-Fold Wallet, Large Storage Space + Strongly Built
✔ Card Slots & Coin Pouch Added!
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The LUXOBENSE Exclusive Tri-Fold Men Wallet is a Soft, Reliable, Low Price & Durable Wallet for those Who are Looking for Top Quality Wallet in Very Affordable Prices. This Daily Use Wallet has 6 Card Slots2 Note Pockets1 Coin PouchUnique Colors & Built with a Soft High Quality PU Leather which is the Result of Research & Innovation to Drive Luxury Wallets in Affordable Costings for Every Citizen of our Country. We have Personally Tested this Wallet for long years. We have Used a Special Quality of Original Leather with a Luxury Texture in this Wallet for Better Comfort. This Wallet will Give your Pocket a Comfort, Keep your Notes Safe & Fulfill your Demand of having an Excellent Wallet.

Tri-Fold Men Wallets LuxoBense Tri-Fold Maroon Men Wallet Black & Brown Exclusive Tri-Fold Men Wallet LuxoBense Maroon Exclusive Tri-Fold Men Wallet LuxoBense

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 cm

Black & Brown, Maroon

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103 Reviews For This Product

  1. 103

    by Randy Ortan

    Very handy, well sized and well organised wallet

  2. 103

    by Mohammed khan


  3. 103

    by Renuka Balke


  4. 103


    Best quality

  5. 103

    by Vaishak v nair

    -good quality-stylish-comfortable size

  6. 103

    by Chandru Advocate

  7. 103

    by SoNu DeSHwaL

    Good 👍 product

  8. 103

    by Mukeem

    It’s worth it. Durable and nice material used in this wallet. Recommended

  9. 103

    by JPBB

    Serves its purpose!

  10. 103

    by Kamal Kishor

    Good quality product genuine leather

  11. 103

    by Aman m.

    perfect product

  12. 103

    by John

    The media could not be loaded.

  13. 103

    by Karambir singh


  14. 103

    by Smit sharma

    Worth it . recommen to buy it.amazing material.

  15. 103

    by Kaku Pandit

    I like look half pattern and slim

  16. 103

    by Akash deva

    Good product

  17. 103

    by Kohinoor datta

    Super Product

  18. 103

    by Mohan Singh

    Very nice

  19. 103

    by Najeeb Parkar


  20. 103

    by Kalyani Yandamuri

    Good product

  21. 103

    by Muhammed shareef

    The media could not be loaded.

     Good comfort

  22. 103

    by Kanchan abhichandani

    I ordered for my brother he just loved it thanks luxobense.

  23. 103

    by Anurag Phadnis


  24. 103

    by Taresh Thapar

    Making, Design

  25. 103

    by Lalit mahajan

    I likes

  26. 103


    Very good product.price worthy. Good quality

  27. 103

    by Nikhil Gupta

    I real value for money product as it deliver very stylish, wallets with actually good quality, that too in this range really happy with the quality

  28. 103



  29. 103

    by Vangala pradyumna reddy

    Product looks amazing

  30. 103

    by Aman verma

    I am using it for 2 years and its quality is very good. Bought another one for a friend.

  31. 103

    by zakir

    Very good quality

  32. 103

    by K.BalaBramham

    Good product

  33. 103

    by Sanjay


  34. 103

    by Raghavender Reddy

    Good product

  35. 103

    by christpious

    its real leather product using last 3 month. Still its leather fragrance not gone also quality.

  36. 103


    Very light and simple …

  37. 103

    by Pranjal Deka

    Good Quality 😊

  38. 103

    by Chandan Kumar

    I loved the wallet because of the quality of material which is used.Durable and value for money.However, the only drawback is that it doesn’t have the coin section.Still, I’ll give a 5star rating because the product is too good and worth buying.

  39. 103

    by Thangaraj.R

    The media could not be loaded.

     Nice product

  40. 103

    by ajay kumar

    nice value of money

  41. 103

    by Suhail Nabi

    Recommended to buy this product

  42. 103

    by Bandela Sai

    It looks so beautiful, and superb lether quality.

  43. 103

    by Devendra meena

    best product

  44. 103

    by Balakrishnan n.

    100% perfect in all respect

  45. 103

    by Mannu Bhatia

    It’s worth buying.

  46. 103

    by tirthdeo sikdar

    I am using this wallet for 2 months and I am happy with that. The products quality is really good and value for This wallet is really awesome. Very comfortable and easy to use

  47. 103

    by Rajesh V Paulraj

    Good one

  48. 103

    by sandeep vijayvargiya

    Quality Product

  49. 103

    by Technical Guruji Jr

    Great if you have more than 4 cards to keep…i have 7so i loved it!

  50. 103

    by naoubi

    It is very good to used and also pretty one and I like that.

  51. 103

    by saibal mazumder-ac acceessorie bleetooth headphone is total loss

    I lk th material & finish..value fr money..Wallet doesn’t hv coin pockets

  52. 103

    by Ravi Shastri


  53. 103

    by N.Nagender

    Nice product to buy. Using since nov last year

  54. 103

    by Joy Roy

    Awesome😊 product

  55. 103

    by Brundaban Rout

    I like it and inform to my friends to purchase from Luxobense

  56. 103

    by Pradeep Dubey

    Good product

  57. 103

    by Adarsh Pathania

    Being a good quality leather this wallet is ultralight. You can’t even feel it. Not too big and not too small..I am satisfied with the quality product of this company and luxobense top class delivery.

  58. 103

    by Aman chauhan

    Jabardast 😍👌🏻👌🏻

  59. 103

    by Lingamdinne Sreekanth Reddy

    Good quality

  60. 103

    by Manav

    Very classy nd stylish

  61. 103

    by biju john

    Quality material, stiching super, spice very good, durability very good, value of money

  62. 103

    by K K Chaudhary

    It’s genuine leather, godd at this price, i have purchased at 499₹. Value for money..small easy to fit in pocket, slim compare to other wallet in the market. I recommend to go for it.Just purchased, so for durability i post review after few months.

  63. 103

    by Abin Jojo

    very good and durable product

  64. 103

    by Javed Khan


  65. 103

    by Sudip

    Nice and durable.

  66. 103

    by Rudra

    Writing this review after usage of more than a year. In starting i was afraid it will be worth buying or not and the i buy it and using it from more than one year its good for daily use good quality of material.

  67. 103

    by Manoj sharma

    the product is good and comfortable to use, other also should buy it.

  68. 103

    by Sreekanth sreez

    Excellent wallet. Using it got the past 1.5 years and no problem till date. Minor issue is colour changes to dark black when it get wet from rain but change back by drying under sun light. the combination of brown and black is very unique and waterpoorf wallet.

  69. 103

    by Priyangshu

    Product as described, love it

  70. 103



  71. 103

    by YP Jain

    a pouch for coins would have made it much better

  72. 103

    by Ankush Gambhir

    Can keep many cards along with cash, but on same hand Minimalistic and chiq!

  73. 103

    by Nandakumar V Nair

    Good product and fine quality but not worth as 350 ruppees..! But good…

  74. 103

    by Aravindhan


  75. 103

    by Alpesh Patel

    It’s a classy piece, the look, the colors and the texture are all excellent. The company also gave a piece of leather for buyers to know the quality of the leather.I had bought it as a gift for someone, I loved it so much that I bought one more immediately.I gave both as a gift to, and they both loved it.I can’t say about the durability for now, but going by the quality, this leather will stand a lot of weather.

  76. 103


    Very likely

  77. 103

    by Veera

    This product is very protected and safety. My recommend must use of this product

  78. 103

    by Nilesh Yadav

    Serve the purpose very wellWell made walletGenuine leather 👍

  79. 103

    by Vijay Rathore


  80. 103

    by harpreet singh


  81. 103



  82. 103

    by Sagar

    Most of the wallets available, the cards are arranged horizontally, but this wallet has vertical slots for cards. This makes the wallet very compact with more space.Looks:- Looks premiumMaterial:- Whatever it is looks like it will lastBuild Quality:- Solid builtStorage:- 10 card slots including one transparent. Includes two hidden compartments. Two slots for holding cash.RFID protection is only a marketing gimmick

  83. 103

    by Robin Singh

    I liked this product.. 

  84. 103

    by Dibyendu r.

    Good product

  85. 103

    by Deepika Mittal

    Excellent product in the range, value for moneyGood material and quality

  86. 103

    by ulfat

    it’s a really good product i loved it . value of money

  87. 103

    by Ashish Parihar

    Just one word AWESOME 😎.

  88. 103

    by KS

    The product is as desired

  89. 103

    by Kiran Devaiah

    It’s good looking & nice & value for the money

  90. 103

    by Naveen Tyagi

    Good purchase.

  91. 103

    by Pavalan Parkavi

    Good quality and value for money

  92. 103

    by Alex Khan

    Quality Is Good thank you amajon all team

  93. 103

    by Likhith

    Quality of the product is quite durable. I’ve been using it for the past 5-6 months.

  94. 103

    by Arun S S

    Good one. As shows in the image

  95. 103

    by Gopalakrishnan

    I am reviewing this wallet after a year, did not had any issues….. It’s just perfect. Unbelievable quality and design.

  96. 103

    by Avtar


  97. 103

    by Hemant

    Superb quality

  98. 103

    by Raghunidas 

    nice touch and good looking

  99. 103

    by Mohammad Afroz Alam

    Very good

  100. 103

    by Anil Kuma


  101. 103


    Good One

  102. 103

    by aman singh

    very light wait . i liked it

  103. 103

    by Priya Tyagi


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